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Jessica Jones
Clothes are meant to be fun, crazy, sexy, cool….anything but booriiing! This little number that I’m wearing has a hint of sexy (peekaboo arm and open toe heels) and a hint of fun (pink and green poms poms details). I spotted this top as soon as I walked into the store. If something stands out... / READ MORE /
It’s true, I am such a sucker for high waisted pants. I recently shopped at H&M and saw these pants hanging……..alone. Not because someone had placed them on the wrong rack, but because they went like hotcakes! I know this for sure because two days prior to my recent visit, they were yet to be... / READ MORE /
Many of you may have noticed the new silk trend, specifically silk co-ords and kimonos. I haven’t really explored silk pieces much due to their resemblance of silk bathrobes and pajamas sets. However, after wearing this silk jumpsuit from Rivers Island, I am officially a fan. I really appreciate the comfortability and ease of wear.... / READ MORE /
Guess what finally decided to rear its beautiful head? SPRING!  And at 67 degrees, it was the perfect weather to bring out the open toe booties, mesh leggings and cut-out shoulder jacket. By now, you guys know that in order for me to make a purchase, the item has to check off at least 2... / READ MORE /
Everyone has a signature style that they’re known for. If you’re one to dress basic with t-shirts and jeans, that is the style people will associate you with. There was a period in time (all of last year lol) when jumpsuits were my outfit of choice and signature style. I’m pretty sure I acquired the... / READ MORE /
Let’s talk jackets shall we? Often, people spend time focusing on the “main pieces” of their outfits – shirt, skirt, pants, etc. But sometimes, a jacket is all you need to make a big splash. Have you ever noticed a gal or guy that looked amazingly fashion forward and clean, yet their outfit was rather... / READ MORE /