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February 2018
Hey Loves – Today I am featuring my favorite pair of pants, which happens to be one of my favorite colors, mustard, high waist palazzo pants! These pants can be worn for practically any occasion. I’ve worn them to an anniversary party, church, work…you name it! I purchased these pants a couple of years ago,... / READ MORE /
Hey Loves – I had such an enjoyable time rocking this fun top. Every few months, I tend to gravitate towards a specific look, feel or style, in an effort to keep it fresh and new. This month, I purchased a few tops with awesome sleeve details. These oversized sleeves literally had me feeling like... / READ MORE /
Hey Loves – Super excited to share my latest fashion pieces with you all. Mother Nature has blessed us with some sun, so I was able to take a stroll down Michigan Avenue feeling fancy, not frozen. This five-tone wool coat (long pause) has definitely taken its position in my Top 5. The quality of... / READ MORE /