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February 2017
Ladies, I found the perfect pair of pants that were made for walking! Seriously, who would see these pants and decide to pass them up? ALMOST EVERYONE I KNOW. Why? Because they aren’t your typical pair of pants. These are bold, printed and most importantly, tiered. The overlapping ruffles that move with every step is... / READ MORE /
Upon seeing this jacket, I wasn’t convinced that it was a piece for me. The color combination…the pattern…was a bit daring, but as I walked away from the jacket, I quickly realized it had the perfect elements for a standout wardrobe experience. Plaid is a well-known pattern. The multi-colored aspect is very bold and the... / READ MORE /
Let’s start from the bottom up shall we? When I spotted these thigh high boots, I was obsessed! Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors. And velvet, well, it’s a classic. More often than not I see ladies wearing their thigh high boots with shorts, dresses or skirts. It is oookay to wear them... / READ MORE /