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August 2016
I must admit, there is something about a chic all black or neutral tone outfit that is worthy of head turns. But, whenever I can purchase an item or outfit in color, I’ll take it! But not just any color, a color that catches the eye. For example, a royal blue or mustard sweater is... / READ MORE /
White is oh so pure, clean and classic! I purchased this top a few years ago. I didn’t know when, where or how to wear it. I just knew that I had to have it and that I would figure out the fashion details later. That is the story with most of my pieces. Call... / READ MORE /
I contemplated purchasing this vest for some time. Given that I have a large quantity of vests in my closet (I’d say about 20), I initially found it hard to justify purchasing yet another. That purchasing decision suddenly became easier when the price dropped from $120 to $60. Half Off! Isn’t that the best? This... / READ MORE /
It’s pretty safe to say that I love money and leather, and absolutely hate snakes. However, incorporating all three looks in a skirt? YES, PLEASE! This skirt is by far one of my favorite wardrobe items in my closet. I love pieces that essentially do the walking, talking and work for you. In other words,... / READ MORE /